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Each year, thousands in our community choose to visit our clinics in Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee for medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology care.

Our Mission

"To help you feel healthy, beautiful, and comfortable in your own skin."

Our Core Values

1. Lend a Helping HandGuide patients through their specific needs
2. Be a Caring EmbraceProvide authentic care and support
3. Speak Clearly and HonestlyCreate an intuitive and clear patient experience
4. Stand in Someone Else's ShoesKnow the person and personalize their care
5. Strive for Excellence and Grace"But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in love—see that you also excel in the gracious act of giving" (2 Corinthians 8:7)

Our Experience

Since our founding in 1996 as the first dermatology clinic to offer Mohs surgery in our area, we have cultivated extensive knowledge and experience. We achieve skin cancer cure rates significantly above the national average, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement each day.


Locally-owned offices

Privately owned and locally operated since our 1996 founding.


Years of experience

Trusted, time-tested, and always getting better.


Expert clinicians

Nationally recognized, locally loved dermatology experts.


Visits per year

Countless lives improved through exceptional skin care.

Our Services

Your one-stop for all things dermatology, featuring the most effective treatments, procedures, and products that are right for you and your loved ones.
Pediatric Dermatology
Diagnosis and treatment for all skin, hair, and nail problems in children, infants to teens.
General Dermatology
Diagnosis and treatment for all skin, hair, and nail problems in adults, young and old.
Superficial Radiation Therapy
A pain-free, effective, non-surgical therapy option for non-melanoma skin cancers.
Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Dermatology's most effective, precise, and tissue-sparing surgical option for skin cancers.
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