Superficial Radiation Therapy

Superficial radiation therapy (SRT) is a painless, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for certain skin cancers with success rates of 95%+. SRT is designed to treat and prevent the spread of non-melanoma cancers on the surface of your skin. It is ideal for patients who are at high risk for surgery (or simply do not prefer it) and those with lesions in sensitive cosmetic areas such as the nose, lips, eyelids, and ears. ​

During the Procedure

SRT takes place in an outpatient setting over an average course of 15 short, pain-free sessions. No anesthesia is needed, and there is no recovery downtime. Once your provider confirms your cancer diagnosis, they will work with an SRT specialist to design a personalized treatment plan and calibrate the SRT-100™, the latest SRT machine, to your comfort and needs. In sessions under 90-seconds, the SRT-100™ delivers a precise dose of SRT slightly below the skin’s surface to destroy cancer cells.

Healing and Aftercare

The SRT treatment itself is painless, similar to an x-ray, but you may notice slight redness and scabbing as new, healthy skin develops. Your provider and SRT specialist team will monitor treatment progress until completion, adjusting and following up as needed.