6 Self-Care Tips For Spring!

With spring in full bloom, so is the hectic nature of school drop offs, spring formals, and pollen. So much pollen! With so many irritants in the air and in life, it can be easy to breeze through without a thought to your skin’s health and wellbeing. If you’re the kind of person to just power through, we invite you to consider 6 Self Care Tips For Spring to incorporate into your daily routine. The world around you is so beautiful. You deserve to feel and look beautiful too.

Get Plenty of Sleep

We know this one can be hard. The longer days have us staying up later and later and we’re tempted to think that this won’t matter. But when that alarm goes off in the morning it’s a stark reminder that actually, sleep is very important and we wish we had more of it! Consider factoring in time to get enough sleep, whatever that means for you. A healthy sleep schedule does wonders for the skin and makes you feel good too.

Wear Sunscreen

Longer days and warmer weather means more sun exposure. While you can’t avoid the sun completely, we recommend beginning the day with a touch of sunscreen. Incorporating this into your daily skin care routine will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep you from having to check out pesky sun spots later in life.

Embrace Natural Fruits & Vegetables

Spring is the perfect time to give into organic indulgence. Fruits and vegetables are especially tasty this time of year and if that wasn’t enough encouragement, they’re packed with vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to maintain its healthy glow. Say no to the packaged snacks and yes to those happy fruits!

Incorporate Breathwork & Yoga

Yoga is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only does stress and anxiety feel terrible, it’s also a leading cause of breakouts. To limit the effect stress has on your skin and in your life, try incorporating yoga into your weekly routine. Even some simple, light breathwork on a daily basis can relax the nervous system and limit anxiety.

Stay Hydrated!

Hydration is key for happy, healthy skin. Make sure to drink your water and get those electrolytes to maintain a radiant glow.

Make An Appointment With Your Dermatologist

Prevention and maintenance is a key element to healthy skin. If you have concerns or questions on the best way to care for your skin, make an appointment with us today. We’re happy to walk you through a customized routine and collaborate on specific methods of care that work for you.

A self-care routine is not one size fits all, so we encourage you to mix and match tips and tricks to see what works best for you and your daily life. Maybe you’re a born yogi who’s always wanted to eat a little healthier. Maybe you’re a busy mom or teen who only has time for a quick snack but loves a giant water bottle to carry around. You don’t have to do everything perfectly. The important thing is to do your best. Your mind, body, and skin will thank you!