Profesional Information

Rebecca "Becky" Potts, LMA is a licensed aesthetician. She studied Cosmetology at the International College of Arts and Beauty and joined our team in 2012.

Becky chose to work in dermatology after facing her own issues with sensitive skin. Her top clinical interests are:

  1. Helping patients develop custom skincare routines based on cosmetic, medical, and personal lifestyle needs
  2. Treating skin types of all ages, especially aging skin
  3. Collaborating with clinicians to help patients dealing with rosacea, sun damage, and scarring
  4. Finding the right treatments for sensitive skin
  5. Reducing sebaceous hyperplasia, seborrheic keratosis, and cherry angiomas with great cosmetic results

"My choice to pursue aesthetics sprung from my own struggles with sensitive skin. As I experienced drastic skin changes during pregnancy, it took several years on my own to find the solutions. I strive to help patients find what works best for them so they can focus on daily life and know their skin is well cared for with our skincare and treatment plans. My daily goal is to help each person I meet feel confident in their own skin." - Becky Potts, LMA

Cosmetic Dermatology
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