Profesional Information

Lori Fields, LMA is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Certified Dermatology Technician, and Licensed Laser Technician. She studied Cosmetology at Dalton Beauty College and joined our team in 2006.

Lori has worked in dermatology for 18 years, and her top clinical interests are: 

  1. Treating rosacea with skincare and IPL treatments
  2. Helping patients with acne scarring
  3. Caring for patients with sensitive skin
  4. Designing custom skincare plans based on individual needs

"As an aesthetician, my passion lies in the transformative power of skincare and clinical treatments. There's something incredibly rewarding about seeing the smile on a patients face when they look in the mirror and see results. Whether it's treating acne scars, rosacea flares or a refreshing microdermabrasion, I love being able to play a part in boosting someone's self-esteem." - Lori Fields, LMA

Cosmetic Dermatology
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